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Saturday, June 24, 2000

Laura's Aunt Ginny was looking at these pages and saw the information about her father (Laura's Grandpa Pantano). She clarifies some of the things mentioned here:

One thing that I noticed about Grandpa Pantano's application for a SS # was that his birthday was listed as Dec. X, 1908. His birthday was January 3, 1908. Or was it?

Grandpa worked for Graham Construction Co. [the company mentioned on his Social Security application] as a real estate person. He had his license for real estate and insurance. The house on Washington Avenue was a Graham house. Grandpa sold all of those houses. Washington Avenue and Lincoln Avenue.

Grandpa sold real estate and insurance part time to supplement his income. I remember one summer he went to Hyde Park NY to sell real estate. I'm sure that your mother could fill you in with more specifics. In the insurance line, he worked with Raymond Reihl on Market Street in EP. I'm sure that I saved some of his letterheads from the insurance company. [Cool! If we get a piece, or maybe the next time we travel to Arizona, I'll scan in in and post it here.]

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