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Sunday, August 6, 2000

[ John Pantano, real estate and insurance ]

More catch-up: Laura's Aunt Ginny sent copies of the birth certificates issued by the city of Paterson for her parents, Laura's grandparents, Giovanni (John) Pantano and Adelina Sarracco (sic). The information is pretty much the same as on the state-issued certificates. They give Adelina's mother's name a misspelling I hadn't seen before, Menoce for Minnocci. Aunt Ginny also sent along a copy of John Pantano's business card from his summer and after-hours job selling real estate and insurance, which you can see here.

Also, we got Felicia Minnocci Pantano's (Grandma-on-the-hill) Social Security application. It mentions her birthplace, Alatri, near Rome. We didn't know that, although when Laura mentioned it to her mom, she replied that she knew that. How much more information is she keeping from us? :-)

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