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Wednesday, March 28, 2001

[ photograph of The Poats family, ca. 1875 ]

The U.S. Army Military History Institute came through. For the price of $18.50 ($15 for the 8 x 10, pluse $3.50 shipping and handling), I am now the proud owner of a photograph of the Poats family of Kent County, Michigan. The letter they sent with the photocopy said it would take up to four weeks to get the photo; in the event, it took about ten days. Near as I can figure, the photograph is, left-to-right, my 3G Grandfather Ira J. Poats, born in 1840, my 2G Grandmother Minnie Isadora Poats, born in 1867, my 3G Aunt Estella Poats, born in 1865, and my 3G Grandmother, Nancy Jane (Mizner) Poats, born in 1839. Given the apparent ages of the girls, I would guess the photo was taken in about 1875. [See the photo in a larger version.]

The back of the print supplied by the MHI says that credit goes to "The Hugh D. Miller Collection at the USAMHI", so there's the credit. Hugh is of course the author of the Miller genealogy that got me interested in all of this in the first place.

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